2009 SSWC, NCCSSR, and a truly hard corps event

SSWC returns stateside, August 6 though 9 in Durango, CO.  Event usually sells out (I’ll say) but SJ has peeps in the area if anyone’s up for crashing — could be a great start to a hut trip.  (You reading this Chris?)

This year’s North Cackalacky Candywompas Single Speed Rally has been scheduled for March 28, 2009.  Location is TBA, probably Mo’ville if it’s not plowed; if they move it to 286 I will ride this thing ice-cream-cart-bike_0012 filled with brats and PBR.  PBR is a must regardless — “good beer” my ass.  Shit people brought last year tasted worse than Sweetmeat’s homebrew.

I came across this (scroll to the bottom) trolling for a Bedouin bus pic, which I just stole off RM anyway. PMBAR is for pansies: IEDs > logstacks.  I wonder where the Taliban comes down in the baggies vs. lyrca debate?

~ by milkman on November 17, 2008.

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