Interiewing for residency is better than riding.

Those that know the horsemen intimately, probably more intimately than they would like, are surely wondering how on earth I could miss my chance at Windrock redemption.  The July past, I got to receive rather than give substandard emergency room care after a high speed detonation resulting in shoulder separation, concussion, and general upper body trauma.  Since recovering, I have had WR squarely in my sights…  I guess it will have to stay there until next season.

I thought I would share the one cool thing that occurred while on my latest interviewing adventure.  At the tail end of a 5 day interview tour, I needed beer…badly.  I convinced one of my fellow interviewees to accompany me through the streets of Pittsburgh in search of the mythical local microbrew entitled “Iron City.”  Regrettably, we found it.  The closest comparison I can make is to say it tasted remarkably like that already opened 40 of Steel Reserve that we “aged” under a rock at Platty for about 6 months.  Maybe it’s a beer-with-metal-in-the-name thing…

Anyway, after several pints of that, we needed grease.  When we pulled up to the Hot Dog Shack, announced in eXXXtreme neon lights, and had to dodge the psychotic homeless guy who tried to hit me with his pimp cane and circumvent a young lady who was voming on the sidewalk, I knew we had found the place.  I ordered a burger and SMALL fries…and this is what I got.

Small fries...just seeing the large made me nauseous.

Small fries...just seeing the large made me nauseous.

There is a hamburger under there, and that thing that looks like a soup bowl is their prepackaged ketchup.  These are RMS fries, and they are made from taters fresh in front of you…delicious.

All and all, a better night than I had thought possible given what I was missing.

We’ll see what Madison, WI, San Fran, Seattle, and Portland have to offer next…

~ by suboptimusprime on November 19, 2008.

One Response to “Interiewing for residency is better than riding.”

  1. 1. um, no it’s not
    2. hope she was hot
    3. IC lite is awesome . . . if you drink TCOB lite, which you do
    4. why did get a hamburger at the Hot Dog Shack
    5. take a bike with you douche noozle, I heard you were a pro rider

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