Anch has a website and we should go to Highlands

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The site is called Ornery Hombre and the below pic from Highlands is the only thing on it.

This is what the man had to say on the topic:

If you are a fan of riding bicycles off dirt mounds, I strongly suggest you plan a trip up. There is enough classic to please retards who are into it, even. Most trails have some man made stuff. One trail is like a shorter, better version of a-line. Should be even better next year, assuming work progresses.

We’ll go again I am sure. There was almost talk of another trip in November, but shit didn’t materialize. I’d say early summer at the soonest, since they are more like Canada.

Several entertaining stories of youthful men getting very drunk in the parking lot and stories to go with it that include not being found the next day. In their place were reports of large piles of vomit, as well as various sundries of a weekend bike trip. Dude was so wasted he couldn’t figure out how to do a donut in the parking lot. Others were heavily cising fire jumps. On his own bike, of course. Remind me to describe SBD next time you want a story to go along with the foot drop.


Heel of a Race

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Last weekend, I stopped by CNF to pick up my swag from the Leith BMW XC series and help out with the 6 hour race. (This is probably as good a place as any to shout out Sean Callihan and TORC, Happy Fun Racing, and Middle Ring Racing as well as all the sponsors, especially Leith, for making the series happen.)

There were a ton of people out. Jef and Sadler from the Bike Chain were there to race, alum Dale showed up to hang out (and, as it happened, entertain my lil monster — thanks man), and Marshall from Clean Machine was turning wrenches and saving races. Jason and Ben from Back Alley Bikes were in the house, as were Tammy and Steve from Squirrelly Racing and some of the Bull City Cycling cats (athought no Baby Dave), along with a bunch of other people who don’t work in bike shops or have websites — even Brian Plaster and Derrick Nehrenberg came out of the wood (or metal) work.

Sean had pretty much everything covered in terms of volunteers, so I was moping around looking for something to do when Sadler approached me in need of a partner. After a momentary hestitation (hadn’t ridden SS in 4 weeks at least, wasn’t sure I had all my gear, I’m getting soft in my old age, etc. ad nasuem) I decided some RMS racin’ was exactly what the doctor ordered. Little did I know just know real man stylie it would be.

Dude turns in what looks to be a top ten time near as I can tell from counting on my fingers; all I knew on the day was that I was going to be riding a fair clip faster than I had anticipated. I had to laugh at myself for going all type A Mr. Lawyer man on the guy who asked me to on his team when our transitions weren’t dialed and then again even louder when I rode the second half of my last lap in the dark when I couldn’t figure out how to work Sadler’s light. Marshall deserves a second shout out for stepping up with a back up light (which subsequently saved my buddy Mark’s race) and gels. Sadler and I ended up fourth in a field of 11 not bad considering how stacked the top two teams were. Right now I’m debating whether to race Little River solo or try and close the gap on the third place team.

Steve from Squirrelly got some pretty good shots as you can see below; he’ll sell you a hi rez version for a measly 5 bones, email’s watermarked right on the low rez verison.






More pictures here and here. I think hi rez copies from the second set are available for the asking. Thanks to everybody who braved the cold/took time from racing/running the race to click shutters.

one-footed Dan-Dan video

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sugar NORBA Nat’l 2006

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Project Platty

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Project Pat

Project Platty

03.18.07 helmet cam: Dr. Mike on point, teh Gnome is caboose, and I’m running the cam

Dark Mountain Super D

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another unseen gem from the vault with a big FU to google video for being a PITA

featuring Matt and Ellen Adams, Dawson, Noah and Tubby, Juancho, Devault, Steve Kaufman, TOHM MERPHY, teh Gnome, me and some a-hole, Sadler from the Bike Chain, Monster Truck Trottier, Wholesome, Ben and Will or Will and Ben, and some random dudes, with Manyele on the camera

R.I.P. R.M.S.

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R.I.P B.I.G.

R.I.P. P.A.C.

R.I.P. R.M.S.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “RMS 40807 –“, posted with vodpod

04.08.07: Sev (that dude still ride?), Motomike, that Regency Rumbler, BMX Jon, Joe Haley, teh Gnome, me, and Zombie Jason, with ShrEd providing the camera work and commentary